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Skill Development and Training:

1. Pre-Departure Orientation and Training:
The Corporation arranges the Pre-Departure Orientation and Training for the candidates selected by the employers for overseas job assignments, so as to develop a working knowledge of the language, culture and laws of the destination country. The training also includes functional knowledge on the following:

  • Travel related Documentation;
  • Visa formalities;
  • Requisite Health and Medical check-ups;
  • Emigration clearance;
  • Immigration laws;
  • Attestation of documents, and other essential information related to pre-departure formalities.

2. Soft Skill Up-gradation
The demand for skilled labor is increasing in Global market. Workers with advanced technical and multiple skills are sought by foreign employers who have competitive edge over the unskilled workers.

The Soft Skills Training programs at JKSOECL encompasses a wide range of skills, from basic communication skills to personality grooming to professional etiquettes. The training programs of JKSOECL enable participants to develop interpersonal communication skills to leverage subtle distinctions that differentiate between an ordinary employee and an effective professional. These distinctions include knowing how to work effectively in a global economy, understanding client’s needs and outlook, working to build trust and commitment, Verbal Communication (both spoken and written forms), Non-verbal communication (Understanding Body Language), Listening skills (Active, Passive and Reflective Listening).