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Help Desk:

1) Registration Procedure:

Q. How do I register?

The candidates interested in Overseas Employment should get registered with Jammu & Kashmir State Overseas Employment Corporation Limited (JKSOECL) by filling a Registration Form available at the concerned DECC’s. The prescribed registration forms can also be downloaded from our website.

* A detailed and updated CV/Resume of Work Experience should be attached with the Registration Form.

Q. What is the prescribed Registration Fee ?Q)         How do I register

The prescribed registration fee is to be paid in the form of a Demand Draft (DD) drawn in favour of “Managing Director  J&K State Overseas Employment Corporation Ltd” payable at J&K Bank Ltd. Civil Secretariat, Jammu/Srinagar. The category-wise registration fee is indicated below:

            Category                                           Direct                By Post

A.    Unskilled Workers                                   Rs.225/-            Rs.230/-       

B.    Engineers/Para Medicals/Others              Rs.400/-            Rs.410/-       

C.    Doctors                                                    Rs.500/-            Rs.525/-


Q. Apart from the registration fee, are there any other costs involved in applying for a job through JKSOECL?

The candidate shall have to bear the travel cost for appearing in the interview at a place selected by the corporation/Foreign employers. If the foreign employers decide with the consent of the candidate to upgrade the technical/soft skills within India, then the candidate shall have to bear the training expenses completely/partially as per terms & conditions of JKSOECL and foreign employers. 

Q.  What is the Maximum duration for the submission of Registration Form?

The completely filled Registration Form (in original) should be submitted at the concerned District Employment & Counseling Centre within 60 days from the date of issue enclosed with duly attested photocopies of Date Of Birth, State Subject, Educational/Professional qualification Certificates, Passport (if any), CV, relevant work experience certificate (if any).

   For belated submission of application condonation fee at the following rates shall be charged:

A.  Beyond 60 days & upto 90 days:          Rs. 25/-

B.    Beyond 90 days & upto 1 year:            Rs. 50/-

C.    Beyond  1 year:                                    To be rejected

 Q. Once I get registered with JKSOECL's online service, how long does my registration remain active?

 The registration with the Corporation will be valid for two years counting from the month of registration and needs to be renewed after two years with a renewal fee of Rupees fifty only (Rs. 50/=). In case of belated renewal upto two months, an additional fee of Rupees hundred only (Rs.100/=) is charged. 

Q. Is there an age criteria to register with JKSOECL?

There is no age limit for registering with JKSOECL. All the aspirant emigrant job seekers can register with JKSOECL.

2)  Building Your Resume/CV

Q. Does JKSOECL provide a standard CV format? 

The Registration form of the corporation itself serves as a standard CV format. Moreover, applicants can attach a detailed resume of their latest/ updated education and work experience along with the Registration Form.  

Q. How can I get better results with my CV/ Resume?

A resume should contain reasonable explanation of the candidate’s  knowledge and relevant experience written in such a format that all necessary key words are used to explain candidate’s expertise and professional skills. 

 Q.Who has access to my Resume/CV?

The Resumes/CV’s of all the registered members are accessible to JKSOECL, all foreign employers, and the member itself.

3)  Applying For a Job

Q.  How do I apply for a job? (Procedure for already Registered Members)

The candidates already registered with JKSOECL  are required to apply against an advertised post as per the following procedure:  

1. Written application / consent on plain paper addressed to Managing Director  

2. Write the Registration Number (also called CV ID number) and Advertisement number at the top of the
    application in bold letters.   

3. The candidate is also required to attach two passport size photographs and copies of educational and experience
    certificates, as  per the requirements specified in the advertisement.   

 Note: Any documents previously submitted to the corporation with regard to an earlier advertised post are NOT
           retained by JKSOECL.

Q. How will employers contact me?

The employers will inform JKSOECL about your selection and JKSOECL will contact you through telephone or e-mail.

Q. Can I contact the employers?

If any employer allows JKSOECL to give its contact to a candidate, then the contact address is published in the advertisement.

Q. In case, I have had no replies, what is wrong?

In case you are shortlisted by the employer, you will be contacted by JKSOECL.

Q. What is the maximum duration for getting a response from the Corporation?

The discretion lies with the employer's demand and is subject to the completion of recruitment process.

Q.If I need a job urgently, is there a provision to prioritize my case?

No, there is no such provision.

Q.How is JKSOECL different from other employment corporations?

JKSOECL is the only state based government owned corporation established for the purpose of facilitating employment opportunities to the job seekers within and outside the country.

Q.Does JKSOECL have a helpline number?

Yes, Candidates can call on the helpline numbers given below during office hours for any related queries.

(MD office Srinagar) 0194-2475289/0194-2486827-(May to October)

(MD office Jammu) 0191-2438440/0191-2430064-(November to April)

4) Orientation/Trainings

Q. Does JKSOECL offer some training relevant to the job? If yes, does the Corporation charge for it?

Yes, JKSOECL offers orientation training to the selected candidates so as to equip them with pre-requisite information viz; the destination country, regarding essentials do’s and don’ts, country specific labor laws, culture, language and other relevant information.



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